Sunday, January 6, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Hello everyone!

For some reason, Blogger is giving me issues, and I haven't been able to upload any photos.  I've been trying to get the post scheduled since yesterday afternoon.  This weeks challenge will be delayed, until I can get it worked out.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  In the mean time, you can visit each of the designers blogs to see what they've created for you.  They were smart and got their posts scheduled ahead of time. :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Anita said...

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to say blogger has been doing the same thing to me. If you go to your post, in the upper left corner you will see a tab for "compose" and a tab for "html". If you click on html it will let you add your photos. After you've added your photos, just click on "compose" and everything should be OK. Another of my dt mates also had this problem and she switched from Internet Explorer to Goodle Chrome and that took care of the problem for her. Hope that helps.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I am having the same problem. I uploaded my to Picasa Web and then I was able to put them on my blog.
Thanks Stephanie, I am going to try your suggestion.

Claire said...

Use Google Chrome - I switched over a year ago because IE was so rubbish and causing similar problems - have never looked back xx

sue w. said...

Hi Stephanie, I think it must be playing up with everyone cos I can't upload pics either, darn thing. Will try what's been suggested, thanks for the info.
Hugs Sue W.