Friday, January 6, 2012

Challenge Rules Reminder

With the new year upon us, I think it's time to go over our challenge rules again.  We truly appreciate everyone taking the time to come and play with us, but after getting a handful of entries that don't meet our criteria, I thought this would be a good reminder for everyone. 

The Goal:  Every Sunday, we're making Christmas cards, so by the first week of December each year, we will have all of our cards already made.  You can adjust the challenges to accommodate however many cards you need for the holiday season. Maybe you need to double up or only make one every other week. 

The Rules: The only REAL rule is that you must make a new Christmas, Holiday, Hanukkah, or Winter card. The weekly challenges are extra and you can choose to do them or not do them. Also, there is no back linking. Backlinked cards will be removed. Easy enough, right?

Prizes: You have all week to link your card. We give away prizes for the first challenge of each month. Once you link your card, you'll automatically be entered to win a free stamp from Sparkle Creations. We will randomly draw the winner on the next Saturday at midnight.

[Though this challenge blog is owned by Sparkle and her company Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps, you are welcome to use any company's images for these challenges.]

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful weekend!


Looking for this week's challenge?  Please click on the image above. 

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