Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Christmas Card Challenge Week #33

Good morning to you.  It's Alanna here bringing you this week's challenge.  This week's optional challenge is an inspiration one and we'd like to see what you do with this photo.  Remember that the only real rule is that you create a Christmas/holiday card. 

We'd also like to welcome Hazel as our guest designer for this week. 

As a child I also loved anything to do with paper and loved drawing (but not painting) - did a lot of sketching when I was at secondary school - loved doing portraits, still life etc. I loved doing anything that required cutting, sticking ...

At some point in my adult life I discovered cross stitch - for quite a while I said I'd never do it because I preferred embroidery, but once I started I was hooked on it, but I can't do it now because of physical difficulties.

Cross stitching is how I got into cardmaking, then started to produce cards on the computer and then cardmaking itself about ten years ago. I love all sorts of techniques, including stamping.

Over the past three years or so I've dabbled in scrapbooking, but still consider myself a novice – I also like making, altering and decorating notebooks, mini albums, tins and boxes etc.



Hazel said...

Thank you for the privelge of joining you today as a guest designer x

Donna said...

What a fun challenge. The wheels are turning.

pat said...

thanks for another great challenge.

Jessica G. said...

Such a fun inspiration photo -- I love the piggy stocking!

Awesome DT cards!!

Mary said...

What a great challenge. Instead of putting the actual stocking on my card I took my inspiration from the colors in the stockings.


Dawn Frost said...

I haven't been to your site before and think its awesome! I used the stockings stripes and colors in the photo for the inspiration of my card. Thanks for a great challenge.